The Best YouTube Downloader for iOS: Your Ultimate Guide

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The Best YouTube Downloader for iOS: Your Ultimate Guide

If you’re like me, you’ve probably found yourself in a situation where you wanted to download a YouTube video on your iOS device. Maybe you want to watch it offline during your commute or in an area with poor internet connectivity. Or perhaps you want to save it for later, so you can share it with your friends or reference it in the future. Whatever the reason, finding a reliable YouTube downloader for iOS can be a challenge. That’s why I’ve done the research for you and found the best options out there. In this ultimate guide, I’ll share with you my top picks for YouTube downloaders, so you can enjoy your favorite videos anytime, anywhere!

1. Documents by Readdle: The Swiss Army Knife of YouTube Downloaders

First up on our list is Documents by Readdle, an all-in-one file management app that also happens to be an excellent YouTube downloader. This app is like a Swiss army knife for your iPhone or iPad, allowing you to download YouTube videos, manage files, and even browse the web all in one place. It’s super convenient!

With Documents by Readdle, downloading YouTube videos is a breeze. Simply open the app, tap on the built-in browser, and go to YouTube. Find the video you want to download, tap on the share button, and select “Copy Link.” Next, switch to the Downloads tab in Documents and tap the “+” button to add a new download. Paste the link and hit the “Go” button. Voila! Your video will start downloading and will be saved to the app’s Downloads folder. You can even rename the file or move it to a different folder within the app.

2. Total Files: A Sleek and Versatile YouTube Downloader

Total Files is another top-notch YouTube downloader for iOS that deserves a spot on our list. This sleek app offers a wide range of features and is specifically designed for managing and downloading files on your iPhone or iPad, including YouTube videos.

Downloading YouTube videos with Total Files is as easy as pie. Just like with Documents by Readdle, you’ll need to open the app’s built-in browser and navigate to YouTube. Find the video you want to download, tap on the share button, and select “Copy Link.” Then, switch to the Downloads tab in Total Files, tap the “+” button, and paste the link. Hit download, and you’re good to go! Your video will be saved in the app’s Downloads folder, and you can access it anytime, even without an internet connection.

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are these YouTube downloaders legal to use?
A: YouTube’s terms of service strictly prohibit downloading and saving videos from their platform. However, it’s worth noting that there are many legitimate and fair uses for downloading YouTube videos, such as for educational purposes or offline viewing. Just make sure you’re not infringing upon any copyright laws or using the downloaded videos for commercial purposes.

Q: Can I download videos in different formats?
A: Yes, both Documents by Readdle and Total Files allow you to choose the format and quality of the downloaded video. You can usually find these options in the settings or preferences menu of the respective app. However, keep in mind that the availability of different formats and qualities may vary depending on the YouTube video you’re trying to download.

Q: Can I download YouTube playlists?
A: Yes! Both Documents by Readdle and Total Files support downloading YouTube playlists. When you copy the link of a playlist, the app will automatically prompt you to select the videos you want to download from that playlist. You can choose to download all the videos or only specific ones.

Q: Is it possible to download videos in the background?
A: Unfortunately, iOS restricts apps from downloading content in the background. This means that you can’t start a download and then switch to another app while it completes. However, you can keep the YouTube downloader app open in the foreground and continue using your device normally while the video is downloading.

Q: Can I share the downloaded videos with my friends?
A: Absolutely! Once you’ve downloaded a video using either Documents by Readdle or Total Files, you can easily share it with your friends. Both apps have built-in sharing features that allow you to send the video through email, messaging apps, or even upload it to cloud storage platforms like iCloud or Dropbox.

In conclusion, finding a reliable YouTube downloader for iOS doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With apps like Documents by Readdle and Total Files, you can easily download and save your favorite YouTube videos, ready to enjoy them whenever and wherever you want. So go ahead and give these apps a try! You won’t be disappointed. Happy downloading!

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